Neuroscience of Psychopathology lab

School of Psychology  |  Reichman University  |  Israel

The overarching mission of our lab is to use advanced tools from clinical neuroscience to improve our understanding of the brain mechanisms driving psychopathology and resilience, and pave the way for the development of novel therapeutic interventions.

>> What brain mechanisms give rise to anxiety, post-trauma, and depression

>> Could we target these brain circuits in novel therapeutic interventions

>> Can we identify biomarkers that will tell us who is more likely to develop psychopathology and who is resilient?

>> How can we embed new technologies in psychopathology research?


To answer these questions, we adopt an interdisciplinary approach to research. We integrate clinical, evolutionary, and developmental perspectives with cutting-edge neuroscience methods -- to examine dysfunctional mechanisms leading to emotional, cognitive, and behavioral problems in anxiety, post-trauma, and other disorders. 

With this approach, we hope to inform our understanding of psychopathology and use neuroscience-guided research to improve clinical outcomes and well-being in affected individuals.